Monday, 14 February 2011

Victoria Beckham Fall/Winter RTW 2012

Victoria Beckham aka Poshh aka iconic Ferosha is pregnant with her fourth child, but she says she finished her Fall collection before she found out. The fact that she loosened up her silhouette more than ever before and pushed the draping, is merely sweet synchronicity... That the new Posh!

Mixed in among her signature body-loving hourglass dresses (this season in bright shades of SAFFRON, MAGENTA AND VERMILION, and featuring curving seams that shape the torso) were a pair of blouson minidresses, one in an iridescent honeycomb jacquard and another in a kingfisher blue matte gazar. Their cocooning shapes will be a boon as her baby bump grows. Continuing in the relaxed vein, she showed a few outfits that looked like draped cashmere shawls belted over fitted pencil skirts. But it was an illusion~

Also new for Fall were coats. But whereas elsewhere she was thinking loose and liberating, here she was all rigor and precision... The toppers were cut in structured wool, and their stand-up buckled collars notwithstanding, they were the opposite of tricked-out. That's fine with Beckham, for whom the classics have always trumped the trends...

What will she do for an encore next season?? Pantsuits, maybe? After this first shot at tailoring, they seem like the next logical step for a designer who, ironically, given her celebrity status, pays closer attention to her clients' real-life needs than many of her peers. It's an approach that continues to pay dividends...

How can you beat the boldness in her fabulous world?? She's soo fierce, better watch your bag!
But I hope she have to be more careful as all her clothes are very-her.. I mean, the clothes are not just for her, its for the customers..

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Christian Siriano Fall/Winter RTW 2012

Its New York Fashion week fever for the fall/winter 2012 ready-to-wear...
As you know, Christian has been famous since the winning of Project Runway s4 and his funny and cute personality and his trademark FIERCEE fashion became the most-awaited in New York and his fan all over the world..

2 days ago, Christian's fashion showed on the New York Fashion week and it was hmmm honestly, it is fierce but this collection was fabulously too referential like Givenchy, Lanvin and McQueen and the first look exactly like Chanel.. If you have seen Siriano last season collection, you'll found him with couture-ish trademark no matter how ready to wear are the clothes...

The show began in a Tisci-tinged dark and edgy way, with tailored jackets pieced in various textures of black over sheer skirts, before turning a corner into less-fresh-looking ladylike suits and coats. Throughout the collection, you could feel the negotiations between these opposing sides. Amid stark but chic looks like a long tulip skirt with a lean black turtleneck that had shades of Spring Jil Sander, there was a dowdy attempt at elegance in the form of a suit with a portrait collar and awkward ruffled skirt.

The usual OTT gowns showed up, but were slightly subdued. One massive petal-pink ball skirt was paired with a simple gray silk tee to chic effect. And a moody-hued orchid-print organza cocktail dress with a pretty swirling drape that ended in a rosette on one shoulder was a very nice d├ętente. Whether Siriano's show will become a hot ticket for the fashion set remains to be seen. His point of view needs to be more finely honed and distinct for that. Nevertheless, this was a step in a better direction.

And quite slightly this is not a very Christian Siriano collection compared to the rest of his work.. Iy just don't look like him.. Just saying..
He reached his peak with Spring 2010 and who knows if he will rise again with another fabulous collection like what he did last seasons..

but those pictures are my favourites ofcourse, I love the colour palette with a twist of the green .. I need to be supprised more! OHMYSIRIANO! all models trip! @9:16 @11:10 @11:23 @12:10 @12:26..
Did he get a bad runway? or a bad luck? Poooooooorr models with amazing shoe!! and the shoe looks a like McQueen!

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My Shoe Design Vol.1

Ive been busy with school and everything came towards me.. Ive soo limited time and limited money to shop and get things that I want and need.. I know I'm in senior year, I've to focus for my future academically, yeahh my future..Shouldn't you ask me again what's my dream??

Ive designed and ordered my very own shoe from a friend of mine and I cant wait for the product to get into my fabulous feet! :)
I can be full-of-myself sometimes, but I feel, Im proud of myself to show my design and make it happens!!
I bet SOME of you thought I copied from other design, but hey, read this! I wont throw my cash to other design as the opportunity right infront of me.. That is just wasting a lottt of time and my money!!

Well, anyways, this is my very first attempt and I cant wait for the next shoe..erghh Im soo HAPYY!!HAPPY!!HAPPY!! there's no other word to describe this...The shoe may be arrived
within this two or three weeks..

to design your own shoe?? only in Facebook, search:
Don't forget to like her page!

Lovettes, Khairuz.

The Black Swan

I know this is kinda soo-yesterday, but I hope it's not too late...

Justsaw it!! It is WEIRD, PSYCHOTIC, ENCHANTING.... Natalie Portman is the best actress out there. For real... this was a masterpiece.? Never mind if you know ballet, it's psychotically intruiging. I recommend it, but you need a deep mind I guess...

I loveeeee Rodarte's clothes for Natalie here.. Very soft and chic.. How genius Rodarte can be for the last Natalie's performance, the black tutu with the crown and the makeup.. Gothic yet feminine.. Its like hard and soft in between and the white swan too..Natalie Portman looks amazing here and shes soo inspiring...

A-MUST-WATCH! 8.5/10stars

Lovettes, Khairuz.

The Perfect Imperfection

first of all, how perfect are you?

I know this is kinda lame for some of you, but this is how I felt, yeahh the perfection of an individual.. Now bad people thought they're perfect and the good people humbly they aren't.. The funny thing is that most people dying to be perfect, and I found out that in dictionary they're called the perfectionist.. To make things clear, we all are perfectionist, you can't deny, why? because without the word perfect, there's no LIFE...

Im not that kind of a very religious person, y'all should know that PERFECT DOES NOT EXIST in any mankind or any living thing.. Only Allah is the Truly Perfection of all.. He created humanity with perfectly made and blessed than any living things on the surface of the earth... and from that, you should have appreciate things around you and in yourself... Outside and inside beauty...
As a human, I would say, THE IMPERFECTION IS PERFECT.. and the imperfection does exist.. What Im saying here is that the obvious "there's nobody perfect" has become your tool or weapon to defend yourself from the bad people..

Ive heard soo many bad things from most people around me, they said that Im annoying, unattractive, hateable, show-off, the question is who they are trying to judge me, these people
are just ignorant and thought they're perfect enough...THEY'RE NOT EVEN PERFECT! have they lost their mirror??

You see, there are two different kind of people when they're having a long look on the mirror, the first person who watched their mistakes and their imperfection, and the second person who thought they're just perfect for well being around..
Those who haven't noticed yet, YOU ARE NOT PERFECT but IMPERFECTION... and if you think that you're everything, you shouldn't be exist, have you noticed? NOBODY ASKED YOU TO BE BORN!

Those imperfections makes you unique..
But if you use it wrongly, You can look pretty ugly though :)

Let's stand up and say THE PERFECT IMPERFECTION IS US!

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Friday, 4 February 2011

S&M by Rihanna

Like I said before, I loveee Rihanna, I think she's pretty fierce in my eyes.. Now her new MV, yeahh I recognize few items here :))
Prada fur-bulous, and the red-curly-long-hair that RiRi on the min 2.45, GORGEOUS!!
What the efff, the living wet-pussy-fleshlight Perez Hilton also here? Y'all gotta love this!!

"s&m is pleasure in the infliction of pain or humiliation upon another person, while masochism is pleasure in receiving the pain.These practices are often related and are collectively known as sadomasochism as well as S&M or S/M. These terms may be used clinically, in psychotherapy, to describe mental illnesses, psychopathology or counterproductive coping mechanisms. Additionally, these terms may describe consensual practices—often sexual.-NOW THATS WHAT S&M IS ALL ABOUT" Courtesy of Youtube.

You dont have to be 18th to watch this, no?

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Khairuz WISHLIST vol.3

Im soo sorry for the late entries.. Ive been drawn in busy-ness!! But no matter how, i wont forget my baby blog as I should feed them for the growth.. yeah, the growth! am I talking too fast or too much? well anywaysss...Lets talk about my wishlist volume 3!

I think maybe the only problem is that you don't have enough cash to grant what you're wish for...Well, for me, it's quite sad when you know that it'll never be came true... but thats okay, may be one day, when you live your dream, you'll have whatever you want or wish for...

okayy, my vol.3 wishlist...
Firstly, flash back Chanel RTW fall/winter 2009, there was this dark pink knitted bag, and the pink classic Chanel bag... ohyeahh not only the bag, but I want the whole functional bag.. its a clear transparent functional bag.. I know it is too modernistic but but the classic Chanel bag, the perfume, the shades, the iPod and the makeup, its all compact in one! with the plastic chain soooo GENIUS! it does balanced the fashionshipness!

Why I love these? cause you should know that my bag is my home.. Ive all the weapons prepared for any occasions..Soon, Ill publish exclusively, whats in my bag :D

secondly, the sequined pants.. I love something different, and proudly to say, Im different, and this is how I express myself, through fashion...We all know that fashion is all about expressing yourself.. This pants you can wear with any tops or outfits as long as y'know to match or collaborate the colour... from a simple t-shirt to dresses...sequin pants are bold, glittery, sparkling and dazzling.. love, ryt?? :)

I know this isnt that much, I keep it for the next volume..

Lovettes, Khairuz.