Saturday, 26 December 2009

Bandar Vol 1

It was on Saturday, woke up at 3pm, I know but dont judge, and off to "The" Bandar at 5pm...
Cool! drives with 120km/h spent with Kill and Gerr and my sista' talk about nothinggg....

What I wore was pretty, a grey shirt with popping collar *detailed with orange and brown laced* love that shirt, its pretty casual... and the black skinny pants, its pretty fierce c(: veryy me but still casual... heyy that pants, I was the one who trim that shayytt became a skinny pants...

additional information :)))) the humongous bag and the star-gemstone-necklace enough to give some air for the trend....Shoes credit to original DsquareD..

as we stop at the shopping mall, felt uncomfortable with the shoes, I spotted a Black ebony sandal very me!!! Lots of love of it it :))))credit to BATA,

It was snowwww!!!!! not! it was a lush of bubble over the sky....

The picture above is VERY-THE-VERY inspiring , i love the colour so much... very gorgeous!! is like a rain of green water from the rainbow sky =.=' i dunno... tell me!
we had so much fun!!! went to the fanta-santa-fierce-wonder-land!!

MERRY XMAS guysss :))))

lovettes ♥, Khairuz

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Well, its been a week, I was eff-ed with the god of Busyairzze

What I remember?? Sainul, aka Tedyy who fight for his life to get the title of P2F's winner, for me as his friend tremendously support his talent-ship... well, talk about his fashion was enough to show to the panel jury that he's change and that's the new SAINULL.. he showed that how much he wanna be a talented artist and to show to the world that he can knock off the graveyard....
The pink plaid is the new fashion that people keep saying about, PLAIDDDDDdeehh and the skinny dark denim... and the black scarf, just drip and drop of my fashionsss, very american and very Rick Owens.. one of my favourite designer :)))))


lovettes <3, Khairuz

Friday, 18 December 2009

l'├ętat, c'est moi


I always nervous before I type any post wif-out any reasons..Its weird you know when you'll face the world..I mean, people gonna read this ShhaayyyT.. but still, i dont care... i wanna spill off every single ShhaayyyTthing in my head out through this bloggguuhhh... I dont need grammars to say or to fix whatever i want to say... HE LOVE I... but im not a dumba** get it?? so lets begin~

I got a million of ideas for what I wanna do.. Specifically, I got a talent, talent to design, design asshooeee... NO! designing..ermmm yeahh designer.. garment's designer.. I LOVE TO DESIGN... its hard for me to describe how much I love designing clothes cause, I got a billion of sketch.. I'm not a good drawer.. but when I got the imagination in my mind, that's when I put the image on a piece of paper... &&& I sew! I'm a self-taught sewer.. there are no school in Brunei that provided art&design, designing school, fashion school or whatever they call...lemme tell you, its hard and it ain't no easy mahnnn... the curves, all the patterns, the tuck, the arrangement, every single parts of the garment, its must be perfect so that will give you a well-made garment...

Not just that!!! a fucking humbly, I'm not that man of means.. an ass-thick Benjamin in my pocket, NO!.. Im a just a boy, who live in rural area named Seria.. Lo-ve-it! In Brunei, we don't have that high-fashion industry which I always dreamt off working over it... people in here just watch in movies to copycat of whats the new fashion... skinny, plaid, cardigans, etc.. its always the same over and over the year... I don't know if they know, that September is the January of new fashion... but what see is NOTHING..

I still learning about the world of fashion.. sadly, I dont have that very-the-very-supportive family so I can continue to further-er my study about designing, school of art, designing technical school... but I hope someday!! I mean, One-day!!! I'll be success in this industry and share my inspiration to the world... :)

lovettes ♥, Khairuz



So you think I'm dead?? HAHHHHH boooo ya'll, its almost 2010... its all new, brand new khairuz, every single thing should be new... its all about new new new!! should I describe of whats happened in 2009?? its INDESCRIBABLE... its a year that... Ohhhhhh Myyyyyy so, its not happy, its not a joy, but its sickkk.. sick like you're having anorexia... its fierrrrcceeeee!!! dont judge.


Amour♥, Khairuz