Thursday, 30 December 2010

Counting down

are you ready for the new year? I mean, this is insane!! couldnt be any better than celebrating the complete circle of the earth around the sun? or attempting new agendas like your dream? personality? your individuality, or attituque?It doesnt matter, you can run as fast as you can with all the strength and the power within your soul you have, unfortuneately you cant beat the power of time goes by.. Trust me, I tried..
Quite frankly, I'm not.
quite frankly, I'm not...but
Quite frankly, I think i'm kinda stuck with the past, this is not Coco Chanel this is the story of Khairuz who crazy to achieve her goal..
!(!To make my dream come true!)!
Without beating around the bush, its pretty blur when it comes to roll my wishes, dreams and hope...T-shirt by Topshop, Hat by TWAT, bag by Chanel
Well, Its all in resolution right??

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

Make it fresh

Everybody should have a list of their favourite colour, especially designers, colours could be their signature for their collection and the collaboration..

Nude? Cream? Grey? Beige? Neutral? Pastell?

yesyesyes, I love these pallete as they can mixed out with normal colours like Black and grey simply, for some other point, some prefer a bolder colour, or maybe a neon colour, a bright eye poping colour...
I wonder what would people think of me?? I know I have the weirdest clothing than anybody else elspecially "the boyswear" or the "Bruneian" which they are more criticizing.. Oopss!
But true...
Hat by TWAT, Sweater by Topshop UK, Neckwear from my collection, Jeans by Giordano Jeanswear.. I try to be more daring and outside the box.. Sleek minimalism :)

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

The colourful natives

My life is full of colours :)
surrounded by 10,000 colours..

How would you descibe your colour which matches with your atituque or simply your appearance?? not judging, but its just how I see people I guess, this is quite random, again, I guess ;)

I look at my dad, I think he is dark green
look at my mom, and she is certainly crimson red, no mistake..
I look at my sister, she is brick orange
I look at my brother, he is just fine blue, just fine..
I look at my fab-cuzzy Mrs.R, she is the colour of the sky at night with twinkling
I look at her husband, he is simply the colour of muddy brown..
When I look at my cuzzy Aqilah, she is totally hot red, or blood red, something aggresively
When I see light sky blue, I remember my bestgirlfriend, Sainul..
and my favourite niece, Dhabitah she is a hot pink..

its up to you to define the colours...
Now...what colour would I be? ;)
Necklace chain form my collection, T-shirt from somewhere, Jeans by Giordano..

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

Sunday, 26 December 2010

Clausique the santa


Red velvet, white fur, bells, Ornaments, Reindeer, christmas tree, miscletoe, ribbons, presents, cookies and milk && snow flakes && etc etc etc...

No matter how cold is the winter, the merriment will always happening y'know better..

What is your wishes for this year Xmas??

I would like cheer for The Angel's voice to sooth the christmas eve and have a a good celebration...Heart Mariah Carey :)

Sorry for the late entries ....

again, MERRY X'MAS :)

Lovettes, Khairuz

Saturday, 25 December 2010


It is not the matter of who
It is not the matter of why
It is the matter of HOW..

I'm talk about the different kind of size, age, skintone, height, weight && etc etc etc.. ain't that list goes on? as a designer, we should know how to construct clothes from the range of size to the colour that perfectly in tone..
I might be a newbie in the world of "mode" but I keep learning how to make people turns to beautifuleux with the age appropriate...

A lush cream sweater from my collection, scarf from Tie-Rack

Scarf from Tie-Rack, Jacket inspired by Marc by Marc Jacob, headwear chain
from my collection...

"Risky is what life is..." -Boy

Applause for my little models :)

Lovettes, Khairuz <3>

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Skinny Cow

These are my favourite models who basically very skinny who eat more than a big fat lady... This has to be the health issue for some designers who more concern. Aneroxia, when you know that you're skinny enough but still you wanna go to the gym and cut sugar and fats so that you'll
be more SKINNIER, this is very dangerous as it leads to death...

Magdelena Frackowiak, Sasha Pivavorova and ahmazinggg Natasha Poly

I very the tell you!! their catwalk are amazingly breathtaking and also they should have the next supermodel of the world after Gisele Bundchen, Tyra banks and Naomi Campbell...

I am skinny cow, I eat a lot but still Im skinny no matter how, and honestly I wanna keep that shape healthily ;)

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

Marc Jacob going Plus Size

The moment ALL fashionistas have been waiting for...drum roll please *rubbing hands together* WAH LA !!!
Marc Jacobs is deciding to unveil a clothing line targeted at women's sizes up to 14 UK. I know what most of you are saying (sigh), "Um a size 14 (US 10) is NOT, we repeat IS NOT Plus Size."

Give Marc and president Robert Duffy an 'e' for effort. This is certainly a step in the right direction, we can't help but get on board with this one. Kudos Marc! We welcome the notion.
The company plans to develop the plus size line within a year or so. Stay tuned :)

I know, I'm little much late for this news!!

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

Sunday, 12 December 2010

The Colour Block

Colour block fashion that came from the late 70's are still become a trend for young and sophisticated fashion...As we know that colour block is quite risky to those who do not know how to assemble the colour or the palletes simply said.

LF Markey, Josh Goot, Richard Nicole and Sinha Stanic.
Last year spring collection in London F/W was quite colourful and alive, Im not really fancy in wearing too many colours but this is funky :)

Colour blocks, for me it is the real art either the designer is creative in choosing a correct colour or not from jackets, to dresses... JF Markey Spring/Summer 2009 colour block collection was quite phenominal and I LOVE IT!!!

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

Just call me DANDY

Talk about our sexy footballer peniSTARd, David Beckham we always know that he's one of male fashion icon and quite frankly this body-ass-tard melted me for so longg ago!!!
The reason I post about him, because in the world of my design, Im not really good in design menswear but this kinda inspiring me..

we never know if this is what Victoria plan for or our Daveyy being forced to look masculinely gorgeous! As he made it trendy for men look as stylish as their wives ayte???

"I do admit to some vanity over the years of being office's natty dresser"

I think he should create his own collection, thoughts? :)

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

Friday, 10 December 2010


I love Rihanna soooo badly as she is ooo fierce, I dont care what would people think about her, but her H2T (head to toe) is electric shock fierce!!!

This her MV is perfect defining me as a fierce Khairuz :)))

Id die for her headwear the studed spikes!!! Oh hellyeah!!!
her amazing hair toooo....


Lovettes, Khairuz <3

Khairuz scared of...


Do you ever look at your reflection on the mirror late at night and wonder how different you look now compared to, like, 10 years ago... and then you get worried how you're gonna look like 10 years from now? I'm soo scared. I mean really. For the first time in my life I actually feel changes in my body. As in real changes. It's not puberty, no, no, it's more like a "god I'm SO old" feeling. My metabolism slowed down, my skin is dry, I have the odd line here and there, etc etc etc. It's driving me insane.
Sooo... do you ever get that feeling? Go grab a mirror and take one LOOOONNNNNGG good look at your body from head to toe, starting at your face.

Tell me what you think. I would like to hear from those of you out there in their 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and geriatrics. When did you get that "I'm old" feeling and how did you deal with it?

The funny thing, a hot looking pakistani at BSB asked me,
how old are u boy??
Im 18th
yup, why is that??
I thought you're 13th, your face is soo young bcoz in our
country, 18th years old, they are very very tall and
wjhefbjhdvjfdshjdns etc etc etc...
wat-eve *whispering*

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

Finally legal Tedyy!!

This is my BESTGIRLFRIEND, Sainul aka Tedyy... We all know the western legal at 16th but it doesnt matter, its still the same.. Thoughts?? legal means gone wild, watch porn, loss virginity?, hanghot (hangout), having a driving license, the gate of independence widely open and party and party and party...
but for me, 18th years of me is the biggest step to shine.. this is where I show to the world my talent and my capability!!

anyways, this is what I said to Mrs. Besties Sainul :)
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY nenon, Im drawing blank when it comes to wishing birthdays, I think you should know what's next for you :))) 18th years of life and, the other 6 years is being
my bestgirlfriend which is a miracle and I hope it will be ever-last forever and ever...I miss you sooo much..wish you long-live, wealthiness and succeed your dreams in the future... If u got the driving license, please dont ever foget about me... Love you like always.. ENJOY AND HAVE A

Angelic, right?? :p

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

Lateness again

Sorry for the late entries, ive been busy with "stuff" :) my wireless just cut out and I know it sucks!!Ive to steal my cousin's connection.. Its hard to say that my blog is my baby cause ive to take care and feed her by updating more FASHIONABLANSCA..

Talk about fashion, ive to tell you, im soo crazy about extra large clothes so it would make me more smaller and skinny like models..its funny how my body works at this age, 18th
years, skinny body but extra large appetite... but thats good thing, I WOULD NEVER GET FAT!! I guess... be confident yawww!!

Man in TIGHTS bother you?? If the world were titled Fashion, you'll rot in hell for the sin of disturbed plus hatred..
Just a little bit twist with the twist of moustache :)

I love the hat, thanks to TWAT!!

Lovettes, Khairuz <3