Friday, 10 December 2010

Finally legal Tedyy!!

This is my BESTGIRLFRIEND, Sainul aka Tedyy... We all know the western legal at 16th but it doesnt matter, its still the same.. Thoughts?? legal means gone wild, watch porn, loss virginity?, hanghot (hangout), having a driving license, the gate of independence widely open and party and party and party...
but for me, 18th years of me is the biggest step to shine.. this is where I show to the world my talent and my capability!!

anyways, this is what I said to Mrs. Besties Sainul :)
"HAPPY BIRTHDAY nenon, Im drawing blank when it comes to wishing birthdays, I think you should know what's next for you :))) 18th years of life and, the other 6 years is being
my bestgirlfriend which is a miracle and I hope it will be ever-last forever and ever...I miss you sooo much..wish you long-live, wealthiness and succeed your dreams in the future... If u got the driving license, please dont ever foget about me... Love you like always.. ENJOY AND HAVE A

Angelic, right?? :p

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

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