Thursday, 27 January 2011

Elie Saab Spring/Summer Haute Couture

This is dedicated to my BGFF Sainul, Ive been waiting this for 2 weeks! Today, Elie Saab couture finally shown for spring/summer haute couture 2012!! :))
Can it really be nearly ten years since Elie Saab caught the world's attention when he dressed Halle Berry for the Oscars? Of course!!
it was actually Halle who bagged the eyeball time, because Saab let her let it all hang out....

My, how times have changed. Sure, there was plenty of décolleté, and sinuous limbs slipping out from skirts that were, at times, almost too split..
but what today's show really evoked was the up-to-the-neck. One long tulle-and-organza gown, piled with flowers at the shoulder and tied with grosgrain at the waist, would surely have driven a paroxysm of desire.

Coupled with the exceptionally sweet hair and makeup, this peculiar sense of propriety took Saab's collection into territory that was new for him?? This is not a question.. LOL
It was certainly a world away from the sparks struck by his last couture show. Just look at the bride—last time, she shimmered with hints of gold. Here, her gown drooped with organza flowers and tatters of mousseline, and her veil was almost shroudlike. "Miss Havisham," suggested one waggish onlooker. Now that's a role that could win a woman an Oscar. ..

Even myself, his collections are totally divine and what-I'd-die-for.. Romantic, sweet, flows and and breathtaking~
The colour palletes are deathly beautiful...
I feel like I wanna upload all his collections here, but I dont wanna messed up my blog like I said... *DIEEEEE*

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring/Summer Haute Couture

He did it his way
The invitation safety-pinned a piece of fishnet to a piece of cardboard. The run of show named outfits after "Anarchy in the U.K." and "London Calling."
All held the promise that Jean Paul Gaultier would parade punk couture, hardly a new idea for him, and not exactly a thrilling prospect for us, especially given that the designer has been going through a dry spell of late. But something magical happened on Gaultier's catwalk today. A living legend got his mojo back. Maybe the split with HERMES FIRED HIM UP, maybe his upcoming career retrospective in Montreal got him thinking about his greatest bits. Whatever, it worked...

As far as the punk theme went, there were elaborate Mohawk hairdos (tulle cascaded from the bride's at the finale), the odd dog collar, and some cropped bomber jackets. It was indeed decorated with chains and studs....The ripped 'n' torn aesthetic was in full effect with an ensemble that featured a raggedy beaded top and a silk skirt falling to pieces. (Dégradé is couture's take on punk.)
And, at a very glamorous pinch, the perforated black leather jacket and skirt fit the theme, but what his punk starting point really bestowed on this collection was rigor and focus.

Gaultier has always been a brilliant tailor, and here he applied his genius to every pieces of his collection to the sort of thing you'd only see at a couture show—and probably only this one, to boot.

Something else Gaultier has always been—the most Parisian of designers. A cancan froth of silk tulle ruffles peaked out here and there before finally erupting into a full-on, high-kicking finale.... Gaultier revisited his favorite alt-Parisienne, the concierge, in a printed mousseline jumpsuit wrapped in a long cardigan in a similar print. And his signature piece—the trench—gained a new length, lost a shoulder, and came up rose-colored. He called this outfit "I Am an Anarchist." But only in a world where ugliness rules...

Quite brutally, punk rock gothic.. I would say, it was quite intense with heavily dark, though its mesmerizing and that's ROCK!
fav outfits like always :))

Lovettes, Khairuz.

What the hell by Avril Lavigne

Stop with the fashion-week-fever for a while, lets hear out our own Canadian tomboy.. LOL

WHAT THE HELL!! WTH!! She's getting prettier and adorable! But honestly, most music videos nowdays has become the stage for advertisement or commercial should I say...
and the same thing happens to her..yeahh commercial!
Avril has an aVazing Vody! with that lingerie definitely almost-hot, but we all know that she keeps improvising without losing her-very-her :)

OMG! Vintage clothing, Abbey Dawn by Avril.. Im soo jealous Im soo jealous... Bravo Avril!
Thought?? I loveeeerrrrissshhhhh this songg :)

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Chanel Spring/Summer Haute Couture

Today, 25th January 2011, MY FAVOURITE-EVER DESIGNER Chanel spring/summer couture fashion show by Karl Lagerfeld, of course I cant take my breath away and it was just beautiful..

Let there be light...
No designer is as primed for that kind of heavenly decree as Karl Lagerfeld, and he heeded the call with a Chanel collection that was positively luminous in its delicacy and sparkle. Now everybody is going to sparks...Dresses that looked spun from gossamer weren't fabric, they were pieces of embroidery. Ten million beads were used in all. The result was literally a cloth of light!!

But light is not only illumination, it's also a lack of heaviness. There was a precise, balletic grace to the shifts, the tops, the fitted jackets, and floating chiffons, all of them built on sequined leggings. And every model walked in a ballet flat. "Just the point of the shoe," Lagerfeld was quick to point out.

It was bound to the ankle by transparent straps, and it completely changed the attitude of the show. All those teenage models who look like ball-breaking vixens in their face paint were suddenly turned back into pretty girls in flat soles and clothes the color of a dawn sky...
"I was sick of all those Eiffel Towers, sick of all those
violent colors," said Lagerfeld.

He dazzlingly wove his antidote to current fashion orthodoxy into the fabric of the house. Artist Marie Laurencin was his inspiration. The pink bouclé suit, the drop-waist dress, the sugary, rough-edged tweeds were fragile where Chanel herself was steely....

And it all went flawlessly smooth and softly romantic... As it was very Chanel's minimalism and simplicity trademark.. and I bet all women can wear this couture or simply say, a wearable couture...
and of course, these are some of my favs, I can't fit 66 outfits in here :)

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Prada Spring/Summer 2011 Campaign Video

Prada lovers, and Im telling you again that Miuccia Prada's spring/summer collection this year is one of the strongest collection this season and under the spotlight!
Have you seen this AWESOME campaign video??? Ahmazingg~

This is sooo cool!! watch behind the scene, all the girls, the models are having fun during the audition and the shooting!! :D

The make up, the shades, the glows, the shoes, the stripes, the colours, the dresses, the hats and of course!! the FURRRR! Arghhh *died*
Bravo Miuccia, Bravo!

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Armani Prive Spring/Summer Haute Couture

While Men do the fall/winter, women goes Spring/summer.. Some designers would go for Haute couture, I think everybody love arts and masterpieces.. So I decided to go with the most latest fashion show this week from 24th to 28th January 2011, and the juiciest coverage couture sprind and summer...first, the Armani Prive by Giorgio Armani :))

Inspired, he said, by the gleam of gemstones, Armani produced clothes that came from another planet, the same one that Pierre Cardin and Thierry Mugler might have touched down on once. (It's already been suggested its name could be Gaga.) The first outfit—jacket, skirt, and leggings—shimmered around the model's body like liquid mercury. Her metallic saucer of a hat beamed in signals from above. The ensemble set the tone for the sci-fi extravaganza that followed. "Tron-y, a bit," said Wilde, who should know.

The show never stopped shimmering. By some feat of fabric technology, a mirror effect managed to give organza a reflective quality. Silk was threaded with metal to produce a sheen. Sweeping collars and bodices that looked molded from some hard alien material were actually supple and light. The sci-fi aspect was reinforced by silhouettes curved and carved to rearticulate the body. One striking example (in Armani's signature greige, come to think of it) sliced the dress off at the hips, dropped a few inches, then picked up again in a fall to the floor. But inside those missing few inches was a bright, undulating slash of scarlet.

Armani explored something similar in a one-shouldered blue gown, cut out at the side to reveal a sheath of scaly blue sequins. He definitely had the courage of his convictions with this technique, putting a little distance between the skirt and the body over and again. The models looked like they were shedding their dresses, like second skins. But it didn't work so well when Armani used an inverted sculpted volume...

Breastplates of large colored stones were a bold option for evening. An alternative to the UFO headgear was a fencing mask studded with crystals.
"Wild, theatrical, futuristic, a theater of the exotic," Jodie Foster called it from the front-row... But would she wear it? "No, absolutely not," she said with a laugh. And you get the feeling that Armani, happily courting unpredictability, would appreciate such honesty....

and of course, Karolina Kurkova and Maryna Linchuk were modeled for this show... Yeah I LOVE THE 3D EFFECTS, proportion and the constructions are well-made.. And the pictos, my favs... :)

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Drama has to be end?

Lets take a deep breath...
Okay, Ive been soo hardly working on my time management..
Its getting lame when it comes to roll the list, but I dont want to get my baby blog messed up!! But slowly, its getting better and finely arranged..

At the same time, I dont want to waste my time to "PEOPLE" who try to convince me to stop whatever I wanna do... like, what the hell? I dont give a damn! I would say,
there's haters; and
there's lovers.
My blog will became the prove of my journey from the start of the beginning but not to an END, but to where I'll LIVE MY DREAM!

You asked me to get my own life? hell yes, Im living my life..Then why still there's such a sad depressed people who never spontinuosly enjoy their own life, sadly finger-pointing and accused me for what Ive done, THIS IS KHAIRUZ'S LIFE, not yours, I dont wanna make things blurr and mess up with what I "DISCOVERED"
No matter how bad situation are you involved you have to deal with it and sprinkle it with positivity.. There are two reasons why people change...
First : they have learned a lot.
Second : they've been hurt too much...

just soo you know..
oh yeah, do comments;)
VISIT MY BLOG EVER AGAIN...Im not forcing you..
well, Im just sayinggg :))

Anyways, Cardigan from Zara, Tanks from Topshop, Skinnies from Ego, Bag from Chanel, Necklace from Vintage stall and Shades from somewhere...

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

John Galliano 2011/2012 Menswear

The well-known Christion Dior's designer, John Galliano a British fantasy-outfits-maker this year without surprising me, his fall/winter menswear was quite good as usual.. but honestly, Im not really satisfied, dont judge, but my eyes are soo hungry of fashion especially the menswear... Then his inspiration was ballet + russian cultures with splash of colours and a bit of sparkles...

Although, ballet is enjoying a cultural moment, high at the Ballets Russes exhibition at London's Victoria & Albert Museum, low in the campy horrifics of Black Swan...

And in the white tights, guess who?? My baby boy LACHOWSKI! ;)

Tipping his cap to the trend, John Galliano ambitiously settled on primus ballerinus Rudolf Nureyev, a figure who effortlessly bridged both extremes. And this time, the ever-changing drama of Mother Russia provided the backdrop. So the show opened with a harried horde of Russian emigrés in great big coats, tufty shearling, and military jackets (more tips of the cap to flavors of the moment)....

Then Nureyev defected to the West and started wearing tightly tailored pantsuits and caps as a curious analogue, all the while working himself into a lather at the barre... That gave Galliano the opportunity to parade sweat-soaked workout wear on Simon Nessman, though the model was surely grateful to be wrapped in a chunky puffa...

The final passage of eveningwear garbed the dancer for glittering, embroidery-crusted nights on the town in the kind of Cossack finery that would once have been catnip to Galliano. Why, then, did it feel less than exuberant???

In fact, the whole show had a flat, low-budget feel. That wasn't even induced by something as banal as commerce compromising creativity... More likely, it was a simple matter of Nureyev himself not being such perfect fodder for Galliano after all, too real perhaps to sustain the kind of blinding fashion fantasia the man has unleashed on us in the past when's he looked to the Ballets Russes for inspiration....

Thats my thought, you can compare this show with his last season show.. trust me!
Im sorry, I couldn't find a good quality video in youtube...

Lovettes, Khairuz.


Im sorry for the late entries, my family and I had been soo busy celebrating my dad's big 47th birthday... But y'all should know that he did'nt took seriously on his birthday... as a daughter <-- me, I know he keep it simple as possible and wish himself a long-live, healthy and a thoughtful father... :))

Well, I just want to say Happy birthday to my beloved dad...Youve been supporting me to be a fashion designer ;))) thats the part that I love the most...N you are my hero, u hold my hand when Im in weary...You gave me everything that I need, youre half of my breath, you granted my wants, YOURE THE GREALEST LOVE OF ALL...Love you sooo much ♥

My sister, me(the fabulous one ;)), my brother and my father...
We had a good celebration at my mom's restaurant and we keep it simple but a fine dinner.. I was just soo good having a quality time with my other cousins! :))

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Dolce and Gabbana 2011/2012 Menswear

Ohhhh my DG!! This is my favourite one.. soo colourful and gayy :D and the models are soo delicious...

Frizzante! Buzzy fun has always been the serving suggestion of D&G. The audience members may be the type to sip Coca-Cola Light, but Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana know a big-flavored, high-calorie kindred spirit when they see one. Echo the shirt that opened the show, blaring a commandment that would repeat... "ENJOY COCA-COLA!"

There was a schoolyard cast to the collection, with its fitted blazers, repp ties, and corduroys... Those cords came in the same curious shape explored at the Dolce & Gabbana show earlier in the week... low rise, drop-crotch, and pegged skinny through the leg. Or maybe it's more accurate to say things had a truant tinge, since these were clothes that likely as not would get your knuckles rapped in class.

You'd have to be brash to try, as the collection's notes had it, "the whole color palette," with brilliant blues, yellows, and grassy greens piled on all at once. Dolce and Gabanna even designed their own Day-Glo take on the ultimate young man's accessory, casket headphones, made in collaboration with Skullcandy...

You couldn't help but smile when, at the finale, the boys poured out all at once in graphic tees and high-top sneaks. They looked like so many brightly colored candies. Maybe that's another reason D&G's counseling Coca-Cola. Legend has it no good can come of mixing Pop Rocks and Pepsi...

And there's my boy, Francisco Lachowski, the super-cute-penistard!
And ofcourse these are my favs and the fur jacket!!!!

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Dsquared2 2011/2012 Menswear

Have you watch bareback mountain??
ohh hell you must!! I cant believe the gay movie inspiring the gay designers with the gay theme and gay models :) Just saying... LOL

The church-y version of "Come As You Are" that opened the latest Dsquared² show underscored the mash-up of pioneer spirit and grungy guy that Dean and Dan Caten imagined for their new collection. The result was so chaste by the Catens' own porn-chic standards that the show had little of the life that once made their presentations the campy high point of fashion week in Milan, and the collection disappointingly followed down that enervating spiral.

The identi-kit models in their wide-brimmed Borsalinos, prim spectacles, and clerical black and white looked like Southern Gothic preachers and they hurried by like appropriately possessed.

So you sat back to analyze the items that will fuel the Catens' burgeoning global fashion empire. Lean, mean monochrome tailoring; skinny denims; judicious use of black leather detailing; hints of luxury in fur trims; and crystal-beaded waistcoats. It may just be enough to seduce their fan base, but today it felt like slim pickings for everyone else....

You have to love them, how creative is that??
and ofcourse, these are my favs...

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Versace 2011/2012 Menswear

Who doesn't love her? righttt, non :)

With her latest men's show, Donatella Versace returned to Via Gesù 12, the spiritual and actual home of the label in the center of Milan. The move was very much in keeping with her refocus on Versace's iconic elements, an approach that is crystal-clear in her womenswear. That same focus has yet to manifest itself in the collection for men, however.

The initial stern monochromatics—the leathers, the white shirts and skinny black ties, the pointy boots—definitely had the angular Teutonic edge of a particular moment in early-eighties Berlin. So did the gray-toned jacquards that cropped up later in the show. But the stated theme of the collection was in fact 3-D, which is about as 2011 as you can get.

It manifested itself to a degree in the optical knits or the surfaces that were raised on knits and leathers by quilting. The 3-D leathers reminded Donatella of Versace menswear from another era, which was apt, given the setting. And, seeing as we were pondering the past, the cobalt blue double-breasted coat also sparked a memory of a time when the Versace man bestrode the catwalk like a fashion colossus. The blue-steeled modern counterpart on today's runway was a pallid simulacrum....

I feel now every designers were went sahara desert touring the Camel and dive in deep ocean cobalt blue and drank the red wine and burgundy... have you noticed that??
Yeah, my fav 8 outfits, love the colours :)

Lovettes, Khairuz.

John Richmond 2011/2012 Menswear

Okay, lets fly with me to London :)
As I said, Im getting love fur-bulous now... And I spotted on John Richmond 2011/2012 collection and 1 word, fabulous.. I told you before that I want to be suprised, now Ive to admit, soo far Ive suprised with few mens collection especially my fav season Fall/Winter.....

English-born designer John Richmond has, like America's own John Varvatos, often designed with music in mind. But his latest collection, inspired in part by the MANCHESTER POST-PUNK SCENE OF THE EARLY EIGHTIES, felt a step off the beat...Hahaa

Austerity versus luxury for "the modern machine age," the notes had it...
That amounted to baggy, boot-cut pants, shiny suiting, and cutout leathers, many accessorized with sparkling rhinestones, velvet, and in line with a curious number of designers this week-dense patches of fur. There was more of a nineties brashness than an eighties edge, but either way, there wasn't much that was fresh!! a fair bit was downright tacky.

Joy Division and Iggy Pop ("Nightclubbing") banged on the soundtrack, but the best things here were the ones that felt farthest from the club... The handful of hooded, fur-lined parkas, for instance—the sort that are quickly beginning to emerge as a Fall '11 staple...

The pictos, my favs!

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Z Zegna 2011/2012 Menswear

Im not really sure about Z Zegna, but I found the collection is very mesmerizing especially the colours and the construction that is just well-made and ofcourse the modernizing on the detail of the clothings... His name is Alessandro Sartori..

The backdrop a black and white film that tracked vertiginously through an abandoned industrial site, established a film-noir tone that made a perfect complement to Alessandro Sartori's new collection for Z Zegna...

In their boxy jackets and pleated, tapered pants, his men might have peopled Raymond Chandler's mean streets. Couple that dark, filmic style with Zegna's futuristic fabric technology and you've got… ermmm… future noir?

"Like watching characters of the past in a modern setting," said Sartori. He pointed to the "icon" of the collection, a leather jacket in which the skin had been digitally needle-punched to a cashmere flannel lining. With no need for glue or stitching, the process loaned a seamless, almost neoprene feel to leather that will now never grow old. It also guaranteed a silhouette with a superhero bulk, narrow at the waist, wide at the shoulders. Everything the modern night crawler would crave.

One remarkable thing about Zegna's tech is its subtlety. Sartori was excited by the new three-piece camel suit, two jackets layered over a pair of pants. The top jacket was waterproofed, though you'd only know it when the hard rain fell.
Ultimately, though, all the fabric research in the world won't get you anywhere if you're not making clothes that a man would want to wear, which is where Sartori comes in. His designs have a strong, broad-shouldered, masculine line in a straightforward palette of gray, loden, and camel. The seduction was in the details as I said, the way a blouson sat on the waist, the pleat of a pant, the plaid, the perfectly judged proportions. And those futuristic leathers… the essence of Gattaca or Caprica on a catwalk...

Its beautifully made and I lovee all his jackets! and ofcourse, these are my favourites..

Lovettes, Khairuz.

New Hair January 2011

Y'all should know that I've been soo busy with things that you cant get away.. Obviously, ofcourse school, homeworks.. Sitting on my work desk with hot mess up papers and news and things that have to be done...then assignments, projects, presentations... Oh god, Im only 18th!! I know.. don't tell...

But, I try my best to fit and rearrange my schedule on which day should I update my babyy blog.. Ive soo many things to post and some are just still in my notepad... Anywaysss...I cant wait for the 6 to 7 months school holidays starting this end of year, I know its only January but my hair gotta be longer and bleached ash brown with a twist of light green... just stay tune!! :)

I cut my hair 4 days ago, love it or not, just enjoy it! Shades by somewhere, Necklace from Vintage stall.

Lovettes, Khairuz.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Alexander McQueen 2011/2011 Menswear

Lets start with our late most creative-of-fantasy designer, Alexander McQ.. I know we all sadly suprised with his death, but the company doesnt stop to impress their loyal fans by McQ's apprentice designers, like Sarah Burton.

See enough shows in a season and you'll likely tire of the same old faces trooping up and down the catwalks with ticktock regularity. They're walking coat hangers. But every so often, there's a show where the model casting adds so much to the mood of the collection that you're left wondering why more designers don't step outside the box of the mannequins of the moment.

It happened with Alexander McQueen tonight. The face of each model was such a complement to the clothes he was wearing that the English quintessence of the collection was strikingly reinforced. For all anyone knew, the guys might have been from Kentucky or Kazakhstan, but dressed in McQueen, they were rough trade for Oscar Wilde, or military cadets from the Napoleonic Wars.

The genetic blessing of bone structure and Guido Palau's spic-and-span public schoolboy hair had something to do with the effect, but ultimately, it was Sarah Burton's clothes that enabled the models to communicate a sweep of English man style.

Burton projects McQueen's historicism and romanticism with an almost scary effortlessness, but she brought her own irreverent openness to the collection, the track pants \paired with oversize military-influenced outerwear being one example. There was camp drama in those coats—and in the big plaid poncho. If that felt like genuine McQueen-iness...
One jacket was as soft as a cardigan, another had a firm, squared shoulder, still another was peaked, pagodalike. Burton has her mentor's eye for precision, and for print, too..there were engineered jacquards that duplicated the sheen of a regimental breastplate.

To some eyes, they also suggested celestial clouds, which is scarcely an association one would care to dismiss. And these photos are some of my favourites :)

Lovettes, Khairuz.