Thursday, 27 January 2011

Elie Saab Spring/Summer Haute Couture

This is dedicated to my BGFF Sainul, Ive been waiting this for 2 weeks! Today, Elie Saab couture finally shown for spring/summer haute couture 2012!! :))
Can it really be nearly ten years since Elie Saab caught the world's attention when he dressed Halle Berry for the Oscars? Of course!!
it was actually Halle who bagged the eyeball time, because Saab let her let it all hang out....

My, how times have changed. Sure, there was plenty of décolleté, and sinuous limbs slipping out from skirts that were, at times, almost too split..
but what today's show really evoked was the up-to-the-neck. One long tulle-and-organza gown, piled with flowers at the shoulder and tied with grosgrain at the waist, would surely have driven a paroxysm of desire.

Coupled with the exceptionally sweet hair and makeup, this peculiar sense of propriety took Saab's collection into territory that was new for him?? This is not a question.. LOL
It was certainly a world away from the sparks struck by his last couture show. Just look at the bride—last time, she shimmered with hints of gold. Here, her gown drooped with organza flowers and tatters of mousseline, and her veil was almost shroudlike. "Miss Havisham," suggested one waggish onlooker. Now that's a role that could win a woman an Oscar. ..

Even myself, his collections are totally divine and what-I'd-die-for.. Romantic, sweet, flows and and breathtaking~
The colour palletes are deathly beautiful...
I feel like I wanna upload all his collections here, but I dont wanna messed up my blog like I said... *DIEEEEE*

Lovettes, Khairuz.

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