Thursday, 3 February 2011

Khairuz WISHLIST vol.3

Im soo sorry for the late entries.. Ive been drawn in busy-ness!! But no matter how, i wont forget my baby blog as I should feed them for the growth.. yeah, the growth! am I talking too fast or too much? well anywaysss...Lets talk about my wishlist volume 3!

I think maybe the only problem is that you don't have enough cash to grant what you're wish for...Well, for me, it's quite sad when you know that it'll never be came true... but thats okay, may be one day, when you live your dream, you'll have whatever you want or wish for...

okayy, my vol.3 wishlist...
Firstly, flash back Chanel RTW fall/winter 2009, there was this dark pink knitted bag, and the pink classic Chanel bag... ohyeahh not only the bag, but I want the whole functional bag.. its a clear transparent functional bag.. I know it is too modernistic but but the classic Chanel bag, the perfume, the shades, the iPod and the makeup, its all compact in one! with the plastic chain soooo GENIUS! it does balanced the fashionshipness!

Why I love these? cause you should know that my bag is my home.. Ive all the weapons prepared for any occasions..Soon, Ill publish exclusively, whats in my bag :D

secondly, the sequined pants.. I love something different, and proudly to say, Im different, and this is how I express myself, through fashion...We all know that fashion is all about expressing yourself.. This pants you can wear with any tops or outfits as long as y'know to match or collaborate the colour... from a simple t-shirt to dresses...sequin pants are bold, glittery, sparkling and dazzling.. love, ryt?? :)

I know this isnt that much, I keep it for the next volume..

Lovettes, Khairuz.

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