Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Perfect Imperfection

first of all, how perfect are you?

I know this is kinda lame for some of you, but this is how I felt, yeahh the perfection of an individual.. Now bad people thought they're perfect and the good people humbly they aren't.. The funny thing is that most people dying to be perfect, and I found out that in dictionary they're called the perfectionist.. To make things clear, we all are perfectionist, you can't deny, why? because without the word perfect, there's no LIFE...

Im not that kind of a very religious person, y'all should know that PERFECT DOES NOT EXIST in any mankind or any living thing.. Only Allah is the Truly Perfection of all.. He created humanity with perfectly made and blessed than any living things on the surface of the earth... and from that, you should have appreciate things around you and in yourself... Outside and inside beauty...
As a human, I would say, THE IMPERFECTION IS PERFECT.. and the imperfection does exist.. What Im saying here is that the obvious "there's nobody perfect" has become your tool or weapon to defend yourself from the bad people..

Ive heard soo many bad things from most people around me, they said that Im annoying, unattractive, hateable, show-off, the question is who they are trying to judge me, these people
are just ignorant and thought they're perfect enough...THEY'RE NOT EVEN PERFECT! have they lost their mirror??

You see, there are two different kind of people when they're having a long look on the mirror, the first person who watched their mistakes and their imperfection, and the second person who thought they're just perfect for well being around..
Those who haven't noticed yet, YOU ARE NOT PERFECT but IMPERFECTION... and if you think that you're everything, you shouldn't be exist, have you noticed? NOBODY ASKED YOU TO BE BORN!

Those imperfections makes you unique..
But if you use it wrongly, You can look pretty ugly though :)

Let's stand up and say THE PERFECT IMPERFECTION IS US!

Lovettes, Khairuz.

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