Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My Shoe Design Vol.1

Ive been busy with school and everything came towards me.. Ive soo limited time and limited money to shop and get things that I want and need.. I know I'm in senior year, I've to focus for my future academically, yeahh my future..Shouldn't you ask me again what's my dream??

Ive designed and ordered my very own shoe from a friend of mine and I cant wait for the product to get into my fabulous feet! :)
I can be full-of-myself sometimes, but I feel, Im proud of myself to show my design and make it happens!!
I bet SOME of you thought I copied from other design, but hey, read this! I wont throw my cash to other design as the opportunity right infront of me.. That is just wasting a lottt of time and my money!!

Well, anyways, this is my very first attempt and I cant wait for the next shoe..erghh Im soo HAPYY!!HAPPY!!HAPPY!! there's no other word to describe this...The shoe may be arrived
within this two or three weeks..

to design your own shoe?? only in Facebook, search:
Don't forget to like her page!

Lovettes, Khairuz.

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