Sunday, 13 February 2011

Christian Siriano Fall/Winter RTW 2012

Its New York Fashion week fever for the fall/winter 2012 ready-to-wear...
As you know, Christian has been famous since the winning of Project Runway s4 and his funny and cute personality and his trademark FIERCEE fashion became the most-awaited in New York and his fan all over the world..

2 days ago, Christian's fashion showed on the New York Fashion week and it was hmmm honestly, it is fierce but this collection was fabulously too referential like Givenchy, Lanvin and McQueen and the first look exactly like Chanel.. If you have seen Siriano last season collection, you'll found him with couture-ish trademark no matter how ready to wear are the clothes...

The show began in a Tisci-tinged dark and edgy way, with tailored jackets pieced in various textures of black over sheer skirts, before turning a corner into less-fresh-looking ladylike suits and coats. Throughout the collection, you could feel the negotiations between these opposing sides. Amid stark but chic looks like a long tulip skirt with a lean black turtleneck that had shades of Spring Jil Sander, there was a dowdy attempt at elegance in the form of a suit with a portrait collar and awkward ruffled skirt.

The usual OTT gowns showed up, but were slightly subdued. One massive petal-pink ball skirt was paired with a simple gray silk tee to chic effect. And a moody-hued orchid-print organza cocktail dress with a pretty swirling drape that ended in a rosette on one shoulder was a very nice d├ętente. Whether Siriano's show will become a hot ticket for the fashion set remains to be seen. His point of view needs to be more finely honed and distinct for that. Nevertheless, this was a step in a better direction.

And quite slightly this is not a very Christian Siriano collection compared to the rest of his work.. Iy just don't look like him.. Just saying..
He reached his peak with Spring 2010 and who knows if he will rise again with another fabulous collection like what he did last seasons..

but those pictures are my favourites ofcourse, I love the colour palette with a twist of the green .. I need to be supprised more! OHMYSIRIANO! all models trip! @9:16 @11:10 @11:23 @12:10 @12:26..
Did he get a bad runway? or a bad luck? Poooooooorr models with amazing shoe!! and the shoe looks a like McQueen!

Lovettes, Khairuz.

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