Monday, 10 January 2011

Khairuz WISHLIST vol.2

Dreaming is a lot of fun, but does it in the same level with wishes? Anyways, without a lot of talking here, let start with my wishlist vol.2 :)

Firstly, leopard print jacket and lanvin faux fur jacket..

Y'all should know that I have issues with "animal" fur or skin <--leather? Im not saying that you cant wear animal product as in clothings, just that Im an animal lovers, I just dont like the way how they've gotten the animal fur/skin.. I think "prints" and "faux fur" are very genius idea replacing the original one, prints and faux fur too have their edgy-ness, right??

Secondly, the crystal spikes shoes by Lauren Tennenbaum!!

trust me, its like a spitfire that would melt the earth crust!! This is soo amazingggg.. The gladitorial and the pumps killing me.. *faint*
I would wear that to The Mall, people will judged and I walk confidently ;)

Thirdly, yeahhh I need a lot of pants.. I loveee something that very different but cute and classic like the vintage Versace floral pants 1980's, Jeremy Scott skull print track pants and brand-less spaceships prints..

I always in the dilemma of bags, shoes, clothes, scarfs, hats but not pants.. But I know, it is on the middle part of our body that just invisible to me.. LOL

Lovettes, Khairuz

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