Thursday, 6 January 2011

Khairuz WISHLISTt vol.1

Everybody has their dreams, but we all know that not all dreams came true or vanished beyond your reality.. Somekind of possible and impossible to get.. and there's wishes, your wants or simply said the desire..

This is my wish list, these list will not come to get me, but Im the one who will catch em'
up! :)
This month, im soooo craving for Wedges ankle boots like deadly serious!! I thought those boots go with my skinny jeans, simple tees and volumous bags!! extra big sunglasses :)

boots by Finsk and Acne could be my top list in creating a comfortable shoes and the prices are just right...

andddd the moment that Im still waiting, a real perfume that is just smell ahhmazingly classy and fabulous and exclusive, Chanel N'5!! My brother gotta buy for me by the end of this month, cant wait for that :D

I bet wearing wedges ankle boots is super-super cool and damly comfy!!
I would dieee because of it!!

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

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