Saturday, 22 January 2011


Im sorry for the late entries, my family and I had been soo busy celebrating my dad's big 47th birthday... But y'all should know that he did'nt took seriously on his birthday... as a daughter <-- me, I know he keep it simple as possible and wish himself a long-live, healthy and a thoughtful father... :))

Well, I just want to say Happy birthday to my beloved dad...Youve been supporting me to be a fashion designer ;))) thats the part that I love the most...N you are my hero, u hold my hand when Im in weary...You gave me everything that I need, youre half of my breath, you granted my wants, YOURE THE GREALEST LOVE OF ALL...Love you sooo much ♥

My sister, me(the fabulous one ;)), my brother and my father...
We had a good celebration at my mom's restaurant and we keep it simple but a fine dinner.. I was just soo good having a quality time with my other cousins! :))

Lovettes, Khairuz.

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