Monday, 10 January 2011

The last consumer fair

I know its beyond madness earning some cash just to pay your wishes, life is short, so why don't you just enjoyy and have fun lil' bit.. Well, for me shopping is like an adult candy, you want some more and more.. it is an addiction..
You may die because of it..

I bought something that I just feel like to cash out my money, a cardigan from Zara, Im looking for a leopard print jacket, and I think that would be in my vol.2 khairuz wishlist ;) not this one ofcourse, something more bolder!

and I dropped by this vintage stall, and.and.and I think falling in love in Vintage is soo clasyy after my confession for being crazy in Fur-bulous..
I bought an ocean blue ring, crab necklace and yeahh a bow-tie.. I try to use a different look this time sometimes, I feel like my appearance is too-simple-but-actually-not. I want my fashion to be more daring than before, but maybe Im too too weak in the grade of people judging me.. thoughts??

and some candies, yeahh chocolate, Iam skinny, and I think Ive to gain some pound :))
when I was 14th, I was obsessed with all Roald Dahl fiction masterpieces, and one of the is Carlie's and the Chocolate Factory, the fantasies are just mesmerizing..and I cant believe the chocolates are really exist with the real golden ticket!!LOL


Lovettes, Khairuz.

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