Saturday, 8 January 2011

A gift from a friend

Its hard to tell your friend that you really truthful in the friendship.. Im not saying that you have to give your friend presents or gift to prove them that you really are...heartfelt!

I received a cute black and white abstract package from a friend of mine, Valentine. She bought
all the way from Philippines last holidays vacation,

a pink T-Shirt and a short!
like exactly what I saw in Tumblr.
THE OWL! the guardian, the messenger..
its super super cute and I always know that I should get one, but Ive noooo idea where to get those, not even in our vintage store! and the short that just right for my size and the colour run with my skin tone, I can't wait for my booties :)

There's nothing to compare a gift from a friend than just a greeting, agree??
just kidding!!

gimme more :p hehehe

Lovettes, Khairuz.

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