Thursday, 20 January 2011

New Hair January 2011

Y'all should know that I've been soo busy with things that you cant get away.. Obviously, ofcourse school, homeworks.. Sitting on my work desk with hot mess up papers and news and things that have to be done...then assignments, projects, presentations... Oh god, Im only 18th!! I know.. don't tell...

But, I try my best to fit and rearrange my schedule on which day should I update my babyy blog.. Ive soo many things to post and some are just still in my notepad... Anywaysss...I cant wait for the 6 to 7 months school holidays starting this end of year, I know its only January but my hair gotta be longer and bleached ash brown with a twist of light green... just stay tune!! :)

I cut my hair 4 days ago, love it or not, just enjoy it! Shades by somewhere, Necklace from Vintage stall.

Lovettes, Khairuz.

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