Saturday, 8 January 2011


Me and bestfriendforever, Sainul.

6th years is equivalent to 72months
we'all know that in one day could be like a year..what Im saying here, especially in front of dramas, hurt and pain you much and feels like forever..

Magically, us, we've faced them before toughly, and honestly, it is not easy.. should I say, Miracle??
anyways, right the clock tick at 12, Sainul text-ed me...

"Happy anniversary to us Khairuz, this is like
the first time we officially celebrate our 6th years
of being together as a bestfriend. Lots of
obstacles and lots of drama that we've been through,
but, we're still standing strong. Im happy to know
you as part of my life. I will never knew the true
meaning of friendship if you're not present in the
world with me. Im soo happy to have you. We've been
through backstabs, lies and everything that
mentally distraction, but the friendship is still
amazingly strong. Even we had fight or the evil
jealousy, we're still friend...I need you as my friend
to be in my life :) you're here whenever I need you.
when I have problem, youre the only one that Im
looking for.even that you think I shared with someone
else at first, but I didnt share much aspects except
you.. I love you :)"
This is my gift to Sainul :D
Thank you for being there Sainul..
It is not easy to prove that I do really love you as
my bestGIRLfriend forever eternally :))

Lovettes, Khairuz.

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