Thursday, 30 December 2010

Make it fresh

Everybody should have a list of their favourite colour, especially designers, colours could be their signature for their collection and the collaboration..

Nude? Cream? Grey? Beige? Neutral? Pastell?

yesyesyes, I love these pallete as they can mixed out with normal colours like Black and grey simply, for some other point, some prefer a bolder colour, or maybe a neon colour, a bright eye poping colour...
I wonder what would people think of me?? I know I have the weirdest clothing than anybody else elspecially "the boyswear" or the "Bruneian" which they are more criticizing.. Oopss!
But true...
Hat by TWAT, Sweater by Topshop UK, Neckwear from my collection, Jeans by Giordano Jeanswear.. I try to be more daring and outside the box.. Sleek minimalism :)

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

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