Thursday, 30 December 2010

The colourful natives

My life is full of colours :)
surrounded by 10,000 colours..

How would you descibe your colour which matches with your atituque or simply your appearance?? not judging, but its just how I see people I guess, this is quite random, again, I guess ;)

I look at my dad, I think he is dark green
look at my mom, and she is certainly crimson red, no mistake..
I look at my sister, she is brick orange
I look at my brother, he is just fine blue, just fine..
I look at my fab-cuzzy Mrs.R, she is the colour of the sky at night with twinkling
I look at her husband, he is simply the colour of muddy brown..
When I look at my cuzzy Aqilah, she is totally hot red, or blood red, something aggresively
When I see light sky blue, I remember my bestgirlfriend, Sainul..
and my favourite niece, Dhabitah she is a hot pink..

its up to you to define the colours...
Now...what colour would I be? ;)
Necklace chain form my collection, T-shirt from somewhere, Jeans by Giordano..

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

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