Thursday, 30 December 2010

Counting down

are you ready for the new year? I mean, this is insane!! couldnt be any better than celebrating the complete circle of the earth around the sun? or attempting new agendas like your dream? personality? your individuality, or attituque?It doesnt matter, you can run as fast as you can with all the strength and the power within your soul you have, unfortuneately you cant beat the power of time goes by.. Trust me, I tried..
Quite frankly, I'm not.
quite frankly, I'm not...but
Quite frankly, I think i'm kinda stuck with the past, this is not Coco Chanel this is the story of Khairuz who crazy to achieve her goal..
!(!To make my dream come true!)!
Without beating around the bush, its pretty blur when it comes to roll my wishes, dreams and hope...T-shirt by Topshop, Hat by TWAT, bag by Chanel
Well, Its all in resolution right??

Lovettes, Khairuz <3

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