Wednesday, 23 December 2009


Well, its been a week, I was eff-ed with the god of Busyairzze

What I remember?? Sainul, aka Tedyy who fight for his life to get the title of P2F's winner, for me as his friend tremendously support his talent-ship... well, talk about his fashion was enough to show to the panel jury that he's change and that's the new SAINULL.. he showed that how much he wanna be a talented artist and to show to the world that he can knock off the graveyard....
The pink plaid is the new fashion that people keep saying about, PLAIDDDDDdeehh and the skinny dark denim... and the black scarf, just drip and drop of my fashionsss, very american and very Rick Owens.. one of my favourite designer :)))))


lovettes <3, Khairuz

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