Saturday, 26 December 2009

Bandar Vol 1

It was on Saturday, woke up at 3pm, I know but dont judge, and off to "The" Bandar at 5pm...
Cool! drives with 120km/h spent with Kill and Gerr and my sista' talk about nothinggg....

What I wore was pretty, a grey shirt with popping collar *detailed with orange and brown laced* love that shirt, its pretty casual... and the black skinny pants, its pretty fierce c(: veryy me but still casual... heyy that pants, I was the one who trim that shayytt became a skinny pants...

additional information :)))) the humongous bag and the star-gemstone-necklace enough to give some air for the trend....Shoes credit to original DsquareD..

as we stop at the shopping mall, felt uncomfortable with the shoes, I spotted a Black ebony sandal very me!!! Lots of love of it it :))))credit to BATA,

It was snowwww!!!!! not! it was a lush of bubble over the sky....

The picture above is VERY-THE-VERY inspiring , i love the colour so much... very gorgeous!! is like a rain of green water from the rainbow sky =.=' i dunno... tell me!
we had so much fun!!! went to the fanta-santa-fierce-wonder-land!!

MERRY XMAS guysss :))))

lovettes ♥, Khairuz

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