Thursday, 21 January 2010

ate gain!

Dont say a word, I know Im late, if I live my life as a Model in Milan, probably I'm the first model would be kick out!!! But heyyy I got a billion of news scattered on my desk.. 1st thing 1st... I got news from GUCCI!!!!

Gucci Creative Director Frida Giannini received a "Best in Show" award in Wallpaper Magazine's annual Design Award issue (out February 2010) for her Spring Summer 2010 Gucci Menswear collection.from left of your eyeballs o.O Nick Vinson (wallpaper's special project director), Sebastian Cilvaz (Wallpaper's special fashion director) and GUCCI Creative Director Frida Gianni :))))))

So now you know who's the one create the Gucci Bag that you keep showoff-ing and talking-of now days..The first emperor of Gucci is Gucio Gucci, he's a ummm you know.. a boy.. if im not mistaken 1869-1953.. now the creative director is Frida Gianni...

some parts of the wallpaper.. loooooookkkk at thattt!!!!!! NATASHA POLY in mid-between *the blonde wearing blue sequins dress* shesssss hottt!!! ask me who's my top supermodel that hit the runway, ermmm gisele?? okayy... no! its Natasha Poly, she became the top runway model and best booking model 3 times a row... 2008/2009/2010 :)))))))))I want the Multi-metallic-colour pumps!!!!! its sharp as a blade of my nanny's knife.. Okayy, so I think I have to rearrange my mind =.='


Lovettes ♥, Khairuz

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