Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Flip and Flop

So what?? Its only flip flop.. NOT!!! That's one of the fashion victim.. do you know that??
Honestly to say, I wear flip flop when Summer hits Brunei... feel the sand on your toes... Well, since the Monsoon hit the weather, Its all about fall/winter ready-to-wear...I wont go to freeze my toes.. duhhh~

What I'm telling is that, use shoes instead of flip flop... lazy?? Not a reason...

Fashion Industry, there's no such thing wearing a flip flop to that Industry.. its GGRRRRRROOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS eeewwwww...

so what's new?? Sandals and flat shoes are the solution, trust me, you can find those anywhere... and you'll love it!!! thanks god I got my own fiieerrrccee sandalll :))))

SHOES?? mine is Christian Louboutin!!!! thats my favourite 101stars for shoes... they always make amazingly inspiration design to all other designers.. trust me, and google it...the L.O.V.E flat shoes
ahhhhhh Chanel, 1 word, POWER! I need 1 of them... :)))

Lovettes ♥, Khairuz

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